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Secret Tips for Saving When You Shop on Amazon

There’s no doubt about it: Amazon is one of the most convenient ways to shop. You can order a huge selection of goods from the comfort of your own computer, and they’ll show up at your doorstep only a few days later. However, did you realize that Amazon can be one of the most affordable ways to shop, too?
Not only are the prices on Amazon low to start—there are also lots of little-known tricks you can take advantage of to ensure you’re saving the most when you shop.
Here are some insider tips on how to save when you shop on Amazon, and how to unlock the best deal possible before you order.

Use No Rush Shipping

Not in a hurry to get what you’re ordering? Choose the No Rush Shipping option that Amazon offers. No-Rush Shipping does take longer than other shipping options (sometimes at least a week longer). However, it also offers a financial reward: it’s free, and then you get a reward for choosing it, either you can earn rewards to use on future purchases or you can get immediate discounts on your current purchase. No-Rush shipping is only available to Prime Members, but it’s an easy way to not have to pay shipping costs and to get a little something extra back, too.

Choose Subscribe and Save

If you buy items regularly on Amazon (like toilet paper, peanut butter, or any of those other essential life items you go through fast), then choose the subscribe and save option. With subscribe and save, you set up recurring (automatic) orders and deliveries of your goods, so you don’t have to think about reordering them before you run out. Choosing to subscribe and save gives you up to a 15% discount every single time you order.

Try the Amazon Store Credit Card

Some people aren’t into credit cards. But, if you are, choose an Amazon Store credit card to shop on the site because you’ll get 5% cash back on Amazon purchases. Pay your bill off each time you make a purchase, and you can enjoy the cash that you’re getting for simply buying with plastic.

Look at Today’s Deals

Amazon has an oft-overlooked part of the site called “Today’s Deals.” Each day, they offer major discounts on a really random assortment of goods, and you just never know what you’re going to find there. If there’s something you need, look at Today’s Deals first. You may just find that that something has been discounted on the day you’re looking and score a great price.

Browse Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse offers shoppers items that have already had their boxes open (think: electronics and home goods). Items have usually been returned or refurbished, but they’re usually in great shape and offered at a spectacular price. The only downside is that you won’t get to take advantage of manufacturer warranties—but hey, who cares if the price is right!
Amazon has taken over when it comes to e-commerce, and when you consider just how affordable and convenient it can be to shop there, it makes sense why. Use some of the above tips when shopping online, and you can keep more money in your wallet and have less financial stress in your life. For more tips on saving money when you shop, and throughout your regular daily life, check out all of the helpful advice at Walletgrower.
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