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Growing Your Money, the Right Way

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the wallet of anyone you know or admire. We are all a product of our experiences and our finances are no different.

Some were taught from a young age to save money, carefully select every purchase, invest in yourself and in the right assets, build your credit score and maximize your earnings.

The reality is, financial education and literacy are seriously lacking these days. Money is taboo. Everyone stresses about it to various extents, but few talk openly about it.

It is human nature to hide our fears and our questions. We put on a veil of confidence, masking the doubt and uncertainty we hold inside. We create a digital and in-person persona that paints an incomplete picture.

Ever scroll through Facebook or Instagram and say to yourself: “Wow. Everyone has more money than me.”?

Yeah, they don’t.

Just like the perfect selfie angle or the right filter paints an intentional picture of us physically, so too does it paint a picture of our financial shape. It is just as selective and deceptive as “the prom pose” or selfie taken from above.

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Shouldn’t your finances be as closely scrutinized as your Instagram post?

You may be able to hide your physical double chin, but you need to embrace your financial one. Taking a closer look and admitting the challenges you face may be scary, but if you ignore them, they will just get worse.

WalletGrower is here to help you learn that you are not alone and that it is ok to ask questions when it comes to your finances. We are here to take that financial double chin and give you the right steps to turn it into chiseled perfection.


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