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Eight Easy Ways to More Money in 2019

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It can be tough if you are among the 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. Even when cash isn’t tight, a little extra pocket change never hurt, right? Luckily, technology has made it easier than it’s ever been to earn extra money and save on your bills. From ferrying people and packages to making some magic from the comfort of one’s pillow-strewn couch, there are myriad ways to have some extra money—even when working a steady job.

Cut Down Your Bills

Trim Product Review

Trim is a financial management tool that helps you save money and achieve your financial goals through personalized recommendations.

Trim can:

Pay Less on Your Insurance

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Gabi’s unique technology allows you to login to your current insurance account and in as little as 2 minutes compare similar policies, often at a much lower cost.

After looking through 20+ options, Gabi quickly gives you the straight forward options. On average people are saving $720!



Working for a ride-sharing company is one of the most popular ways to make a quick buck these days, and it’s easy to see why. Nearly anyone with an adequate vehicle can start driving on their own schedule. It’s easy money—especially if one drives at peaks hours—and it’s sure to yield some interesting stories, to boot. Uber will even guarantee your earnings for the first month in some cities.


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Food delivery is nothing new, but the way in which it’s delivered is being revolutionized by technology. Third-party apps like DoorDash contract drivers to ferry food from local restaurants to people’s homes. Even Uber now has its own food-delivery service, Uber Eats.

Share a Car

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Owning a vehicle is a huge asset, even if one doesn’t want to drive for cash. Peer-to-peer car rental apps like Getaround allows car owners to rent out their wheels, typically on an hourly basis. Both apps offer insurance coverage for a stress-free experience.


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Those seeking extra pocket change can become shoppers for Instacart, a grocery-delivery service. Unlike some grocery-delivery services, which fulfill orders from their own warehouses, Instacart actually sends a personal shopper to one of the buyer’s local markets, be it Whole Foods or Costco, to select and purchase the items.

Provide Consumer Feedback

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A basic job for most people, completing surveys can be invaluable for companies seeking feedback. Try sites such as Survey Junkie and Swag Bucks, which pay in cash, gift cards, and discounts when members accumulate points.

In the same vein, sites like InboxDollars will pay consumers to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks (such as watching videos or testing their e-commerce process), and provide useful input to help third-party businesses improve. InboxDollars even offers $5 just for signing up.

Rewarded Shopping

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In addition to surveys and testing, sites like MyPoints and Drop will also shell out points for shopping. That means participants can leverage the system to earn points for purchase they already intended to make, then redeem for gift cards, travel miles or cash.




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