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Trim: A Free Virtual Assistant Designed to Help You Save Money

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What would you say if I told you that you could live in a world with a robot friend designed to save you money? Think Wall-E, but with financial instincts, a voice you can actually understand and devotion to you rather than a fellow robot (Sorry Eva!)

The Basics

Trim is a financial management tool that helps you save money and achieve your financial goals through personalized recommendations. It has saved its users over $1,000,000 in the past month alone. 

Trim App Review

Trim can:

Trim Financial App
With Trim you can cancel your old subscriptions, set spending alerts, automatically fight fees and much more. 

What’s The Catch?

Since Trim is free to use, you might be wondering “How does Trim make money?”

As it turns out, Trim actually aligns its interests with yours. They only make money by helping you save on your bills. When they successfully negotiate a bill for you, they take a percentage of the savings (33%), ensuring that you are still end up with more money in your pocket no matter what. For context, this seems to be on par or better than similar bill negotiation products which charge as much as 40% of the amounts they save users.

Trim also occasionally gets paid from partners when they recommend helpful products.

Trim Mobile App
Trim is able to give you the cold hard truth. Find out how much you really have been spending on Uber or Starbucks each month.

Is It Worth It?

The product is free, insightful and easy to use. The only potential drawback here is if you ask Trim to negotiate your bills. The fee they take only comes when they save you money, and is taken as a portion of the savings, meaning you will still be ahead and have more money in your pocket.

It should be noted, you are under no obligation to negotiate your bills. You can use the free tools Trim provides and go along your merry way. Fully understood if you want to negotiate your own bills, but Trim makes it as easy as a tap of a button. They also have collected a lot of data on each of these providers. When they contact your providers, they know how to negotiate, what deals are available and what price points are fair. This expertise added to the time savings is worth sharing a piece of the savings in our book.

But don’t take our word for it, Sign Up for Trim and decide for yourself.


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